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-Gather most useful Feng Shui tips for readers

-Provide other useful Chinese Metaphysic knowledge to readers (including Palmistry Reading, 4 Pillars of Destiny, Date Selection, Name Selection etc.)

-Answer most frequently asked questions of Feng Shui/Chinese Metaphysic Readers



Profile:         -Senior Graduate of Master Pak Hok Ming Metaphysic Institute

                -Assisted Master Pak Hok Ming on Feng Shui evaluation for over 10 years

                -Chairman of World's Feng Shui & Metaphysic Club

                    -Have been Departmental heads of several publicly listed companies.

                    -Professional Feng Shui/Chinese Metaphysic Consultant.

-Well versed in Feng Shui, 4 Pillars of Destiny, Palmistry Reading, Facial Reading, Date Selection, Name Selection etc.